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In addition to having the ability to split our leathers to thickness for our own products, Columbia Organ Leathers is pleased to be able to offer splitting services to others.  This process is sometimes called leather thinning.

We can offer precision splitting and or buffing services for leather and other materials.  Presently, we are limited to splitting materials with a maximum width of 29 inches.  We can split to a tolerance of +/- .002" for materials that start at an even thickness and +/- .004 for materials that are not of even thickness (such as leather).  We can also split component pieces as small as 1" x 1" and up to 29" x 48".  Irregular shapes are not a problem.  We cannot split roll goods at this time.

In addition to splitting our own products, we are presently splitting leathers for Billiard Cue Wraps and Pool Cue Wraps, Clock Restorers, Bookbinders, Glove Manufacturers and we are splitting a felt/foam product for a leading manufacturer of precision polishing pads.  Most recently, we have been asked to split leather for the crafting of upholstered doll house furniture and saxophone pad leather.  We also offer buffing services for surfacing of leather (with or without wool) and other materials.  We can buff materials up to 48" wide.

We invite your inquiry for a quote on your special precision splitting or buffing needs.




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