Felt Leather

559.9Columbia Organ Leathers’ Felt and Leather is made of our top quality hairsheep or goat skin valve leathers which are glued with our Felt & Leather Glue to sheets of pure wool felt. We use only tightly woven, mothproofed felts.

The valve leathers are buffed on our leather surfacing machine so that they have an even nap and both the leather and the felt are sized with a thin layer of glue. This prevents the glue from soaking to deeply into the felt and causing it to become stiff.

After the sizing has dried, the pieces are glued again and laminated together. They then spend 24 hours sandwiched between trued flat, granite blocks.

The resulting product is a fine felt & leather for valves which is of consistent thickness and will not de-laminate.

Our Felt & Leather is available in the following thicknesses*:

Thin 1/8″ $39.95
Medium 3/16″ $39.95
Heavy 1/4″ $40.55
Extra Heavy 5/16″ $40.95

*Our Felt & Leather is usually made to order. It is sold by the square foot with a 1 square foot minimum order. Please allow one to two weeks for shipment.

If you are interested in punched Felt & Leather Valves, please Click Here


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